Origin of Santa Claus Santa Claus

Santa Claus The original name is Nicholas, in the fourth century, was born in Asia Minor city of弗Pakistan big pull, the family wealth, parents are enthusiastic Catholics, unfortunately, his parents died young. Nicholas grew up, he gave a wealth of property, all donations given to the poor poor people, himself a monk convent, dedicated to the Church, a lifetime to serve the community. Nicholas was made a priest, but also was promoted to bishop. Among his life has done a lot of charity work, he most likes to secretly help the poor, Santa Claus is his later alias, a name because he was secretly give money to help the three girls story.



The Origin of Christmas

Dec 25 is the day that most Christianities celebrate the birth of Jesus.

There was no Christmas at first. It is said that the first Christmas was in 138, the first in record was in 336. But the bible doesn’t indicate on what day was Jesus born, so different Christmas days were celebrated in different places. Until 440, Roman church court fixed Dec 25 as the Christmas day.

In 1607, religious leaders all over the world met in Bethlehem and reached an agreement that Dec 25 would be the Christmas day. Since then, most Christians began to celebrate Dec 25, no matt......余下全文>>



圣诞树(Christmas tree)是圣诞节庆祝中最有名的传统之一。通常人们在圣诞前后把一棵常绿植物如松树弄进屋里或者在户外,并用圣诞灯和彩色的装饰物装饰。并把一个天使或星星放在树的顶上. The Christmas tree

The Christmas tree (Christmas tree) is Christmas celebration in one of the most famous tradition. Usually people before and after the Christmas tree in evergreen pine or get into the house like outdoors, and Christmas lights and colorful ornamental decorations. And an angel or sta激s on the top of the tree.



December 25th is Christmas, celebrating the birth of Jesus. Many people decorate their houses with Christmas trees and lights and give presents to family members. Children hang stockings for Santa Claus to fill with gifts. Christmas is a federal holiday. The African-American holiday of Kwanza is the last week of December. Candles are lit to represent the virtues of the African-American people.





It is interesting to see how different countries celebrate Christmas.We asked some of our friends and this is what they told us about their Christmas celebrations:

Belgium On Christmas Eve,it starts with a drink and “nibbles1)”,followed by a “starter” course such as seafood,and then stuffed turkey.The dessert is a kind of cake made with cream.Father Christmas is called “Saint Nicholas” and he brings presents to children on Dec ember 6th,“St.Nicholas Day,” a long time before Christmas.

Brazil Father Christmas is called Papai Noel.Many Christmas customs are similar to those in the USA or UK.For those who have enough money,a special Christmas meal will be chicken,turkey,ham,rice,salad,pork,fresh and dried fruits,often with beer.Poorer people will just have chicken and rice.

Finland Finnish people believe that Father Christmas(Santa Claus)lives in the north part of Finland called Korvatunturi,north of the Arctic Circle.People from all over the world send letters to Santa Claus in Finland.There is a even big tourist theme park called “Christmas Land” in the north of Finland,near to where they say that Father Christmas lives.Everyone cleans their houses ready for the three holy days of Christmas--Christmas Eve,Christmas Day,and Boxing Day2).Christmas Eve is very special,when people eat rice porridge3) and plum4) fruit juice in the morning.They will then decorate a spruce5) tree in the home.Many families will visit cemeteries and graveyards to place a candle onto the burial grav......余下全文>>




From December 24th to next January 6 is Christmas feast. During the festival, christians were

held the ceremony. Christmas is originally Christian festivals, because people attention, it became a national holiday, the biggest festival in a year, and the New Year in western .It is like the Spring Festival of China. Exchanging gifts and sending Christmas CARDS on Christmas day celebrate Christmas.

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Christmas, annual Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Most members of the Roman Catholic Church and followers of Protestantism celebrate Christmas on December 25, and many celebrate on the evening of December 24 as well. Members of the Eastern Orthodox Church usually delay their most important seasonal ceremonies until January 6, when they celebrate Epiphany, a commemoration of the baptism of Jesus. Epiphany also traditionally commemorates the arrival of the Three Wise Men of the East in Bethlehem (near Jerusalem, Israel), where they adored the infant Jesus and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The official Christmas season, popularly known as either Christmastide or the Twelve Days of Christmas, extends from the anniversary of Christ’s birth on December 25 to the feast of Epiphany on January 6.

Christmas is based on the story of Jesus’ birth as described in the Gospel according to Matthew (see Matthew 1:18-2:12) and the Gospel according to Luke (see Luke 1:26-56). Roman Catholics first celebrated Christmas, then known as the Feast of the Nativity, as ea......余下全文>>